How to deposit Money from SBI Atm

How to Deposit Money in SBI ATM – With Pictures [2023]

Ms. Ishitha has more money in hand than required.
Mr. Rahul doesn’t have money in her bank account but she needs to send money to her friend in Hyderabad online of Rs.10,000/- for shopping purposes.

If you have the money physically, then, it is very easy to deposit it into your State Bank of India (SBI) bank account through ATM Debit Card.

Let’s see how to deposit money in SBI ATM..!!

Step 1:

To deposit money, firstly, you should have to go to the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) in SBI.
In these machines only you have to deposit your money. These CDM machines are generally attached to banks and are also available in SBI E-Corners.

How CDM machine will be different from a regular ATM Machine..!
For the CDM machines, if you notice below the number pad there will be a small rectangular-shaped box. In this box only, you have to deposit the cash.

This facility will not be available in general ATM machines. Only Cash deposit machines will have this facility.

Step 2:

Now, to deposit the additional cash, You have to insert your SBI ATM Debit card on the right side of your ATM machine.

After inserting the card, a message will be displayed like “You should not remove your dr card even until this entire transaction is completed”

Step 3:

After that, you have to select “Language”.
For that, You will get 3 options like
1. English
2. Hindi
3. Telugu (Any Local language)

You select “English” language

Step 4:

Now, you will be asked to “Select your transaction”. To deposit the additional or extra cash, select the “Deposit” option.

Step 5:

Later on, the ATM screen will be displayed showing “Please select the deposit transaction”. Here, Tap on the “Cash deposit” option to deposit money in cash.

Step 6:

Then, it will display “Deposit per transaction limit”

It means, you can deposit cash in SBI even up to Rs.2,00,000/- and you will have zero service charge on that. Also, the Maximum number of notes you can deposit per transaction is up to 200 currency notes.

Step 7:

Now, Tap on the “Continue” option &
You will have to give a random 2-digit number between 10-99. It doesn’t matter which number you choose.
So, enter a 2-digit number randomly Eg: 31,22,78, etc.,

Enter it and press the “Yes” button.

Want to watch “How to deposit cash in SBI ATM” in Telugu, Click on the below video

Step 8:

Then, the screen will be displayed as “Please enter your PIN”.
Now, Enter your “SBI ATM debit card PIN number”.

Step 9:

After that, you have to select your “Account type”.
Here you will get 2 options
1. Savings account – If you are an individual, then select the “Savings account” option.
2. Current account – If your bank account belongs to a Firm or a Company or any other organization, then select the “Current account” option

Step 10:

Now, the Small box will be opened to deposit cash as we have already discussed.
In this cash deposit machine, only Rs.100, Rs.200, Rs.500, Rs.2,000 notes will be accepted. Whereas, the cut notes or damaged notes CDM machine will not accept them.

So, check once whether your notes are in good condition or not before inserting them.

Step 11:

Now, insert the amount you want to deposit as shown below.
You can see that this cash deposit box closes when you press the “Enter” button.

Step 12:

Now you will get the message showing, “Please wait for validating cash”. It means the machine will validate whether the inserted notes are in acceptable condition or not.

Step 13:

Now you can see the denomination displayed on the ATM screen.
If all the notes are in are in good condition, then, the machine will validate all the notes. Now, your deposited amount can be matched with the displayed amount.

In case, if the notes are in damaged condition, those notes can be taken back from the small rectangular shaped box.

If all ok, press the “Confirm” option.

Step 14:

So your cash deposit transaction is complete. To confirm it, you will get a slip from the left side of the CDM machine.

In that slip, you can see
– Your card number,
– Your cash deposit denomination details,
– The amount of money deposited,
– The available balance and all the other details in this slip.

Step 15:

Now a message will be displayed asking you to remove your State Bank of India ATM debit card from the ATM machine.

I hope you understood the “How to deposit money in SBI ATM” concept.
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Thanks for reading..!!!

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