how to withdraw money from sbi atm step by step

How to Withdraw money from SBI ATM with Pictures [2023]

Mr. Rao Garu, aged 64 got retired from Port Trust of India. He gets the pension amount credited into his State Bank of India (SBI) bank account. But he does not know how to withdraw money ATM. He got the message on his phone that the pension amount got credited.

So, let’s discuss how to withdraw money from ATM.

Step 1:

To withdraw money, firstly, you should go to the nearest State Bank of India ATM center along with your SBI ATM Debit card.

Step 2:

Now, Insert your Debit card into your ATM machine on the right side for cash withdrawal.

After inserting the card, a message will be displayed like “Do not remove your card until prompted”

Step 3:

After that, multiple options will be displayed, and select the “Banking” option to withdraw money from ATM.
To select the option, you can use a touch screen for instant and easy access.

Step 4:

After that, you have to select “Language”.
For that, You will get 3 options like
1. English
2. Hindi
3. Telugu (Any Local language)

You select the “English” language.

Step 5:

Now, you will have to give a random 2-digit number between 10-99. It doesn’t matter which number you choose.
So, enter a 2-digit number randomly Eg: 85,44,18, etc.,

Enter it and press the “Yes” button.

Step 6:

Then, the ATM screen will be displayed as “Please enter your PIN”.
Now, Enter your “SBI ATM debit card PIN number”.

Want to watch “How to withdraw money from SBI ATM” (in Telugu), Click on the below video.

Step 7:

Later on, you will be asked to “Select your transaction”. To withdraw money from the State Bank of India (SBI) bank account, select the “Cash withdrawal” option.

Step 8:

After that, you have to select your “Account type”.
Here you will get 2 options.

1. Savings account – If you are an individual, then select the “Savings account” option.
2. Current account – If your bank account belongs to a Firm or a Company or any other organization, then select the “Current account” option.

Step 9:

Now, “Please enter amount” will be displayed.
Here, you enter the Amount you want to withdraw from the ATM machine.

The daily withdrawal limit in SBI depends on the type of debit card you use. if you use a Classic debit card or Maestro debit card, then, your daily withdrawal limit will be up to Rs.20,000 only.

After you entered the amount, select the option “Press If Yes”.

Step 10:

Now you will get the message showing, “Transaction being processed please wait”.
It’s time to be cautious and a message will be displayed showing “Please collect the cash” and collect it.

Step 11:

So, you have successfully withdrawn Cash from the ATM.
Also, ATM shows a message saying “Do you like to display balance on the screen”.

If you wish to display it, tap on the “Yes” button. If not, tap on the “No” button.

Step 12:

Now again, a message will be displayed asking you to “Remove your ATM debit card from the ATM machine”. Press “Yes” & remove your ATM debit card from the ATM machine.

I hope you understood the “How to withdraw money from SBI ATM” concept.
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