MMID SBI: How to Find MMID in SBI [2023]

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Before you need to find MMID in the SBI Yono app, Let me first tell you What MMID is..!!

MMID stands for “Mobile Money Identifier. It is a 7-digit Numerical number.
To transfer money through IMPS, even though you don’t have a Beneficiary Bank Account number & IFSC code, you can still transfer money easily through MMID in SBI.

Let’s see how to find MMID in yono SBI.

Step 1:

Firstly, Open the “Yono Lite SBI – Mobile Banking” app on your Android / IOS Mobile. Login into Yono SBI by entering your SBI Login Credentials like Username & Password.

Step 2:

Now you Tap on the “My Accounts” option which appears on the dashboard.

Step 3:

After logging in, the SBI Yono dashboard will appear. Now just tap on the menu which appears with 3 lines on the top left.

Step 4:

After that, you will find multiple options. There you tap on the “Service request” option.

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Step 5:

Then another screen will be opened along with multiple services. Now, you select the option “Settings”.

Step 6:

Later on, tap on the “View MMID” option which appears under the “Payments” section at the top.

Step 7:

That’s it, you can successfully view your 7-digit MMID which will be displayed on the screen in just 2-3 seconds after you tap on it.

Now by using your MMID, you can easily transfer or receive money without sharing your bank account number & IFSC code.

I hope you understood the “How to find MMID in SBI” concept.
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