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Generally, to check your Bank transactions, either you visit Bank branches or stand up in long queues at ATM centers to print your Passbook.

But now, by sitting at your home all your Cash Deposits, salary or Pension credits or ATM Withdrawals, Interest credits & all other transactions made through your State Bank of India Bank account can be verified either in PDF or Excel format using SBI Internet banking easily without any hustle..!!

Let’s see how to download bank statement from sbi..!!

Step 1:

To download SBI Bank statement, firstly, Open any Internet browser like Google Chrome. Then, type “” in the address bar/search bar and Press “Enter”.

Step 2:

After that, click on the “Continue to Login” option under the Personal Banking category.

Step 3:

Now, you click on “Continue to Login”.

Step 4:

Later on, you enter your SBI Internet Banking User name, Password & Captcha and Click on the “Login” button.
Note: Be careful while entering the logins, otherwise there is a chance that your SBI Internet banking will be blocked.

Step 5:

Now an “OTP” will be sent to your registered mobile number, Enter it and click on the “Submit” button. As soon as you click on it, your SBI Internet banking dashboard will open in 3-4 seconds.

Step 6:

For less than 10 Transactions

Now, the SBI Internet banking dashboard appears. Here, under the “My Accounts” section, if you want to check only the last 10 transactions, then you can simply, click on the “Click here for Last 10 Transactions” option which appears under “Transaction accounts” tab.

For more than 10 Transactions

If you want to view or download more than 10 bank transactions, then, on the left-hand side of the “Quick links” section you should click on “Account statement”

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Step 7:

Now, you can download the Banks statement using 4 options

1. By Date

Selecting the “By date” option, you can select customized dates. Here, you can select the period for which you need the Bank Statement either for 1 Day, 7 days, 30 Days, 45 Days, 3 Months, 6 Months, or even up to a maximum of 1 year.

To select the period, you click on “Start Date” to select the period from which you want to either view or Download the bank statements and click on “End date” to select the period up to the period you need the bank statement as per your requirement.

2. By Month

By selecting this option, firstly you need to click on “Year”, to select the period for which you want to view or Download the bank statements and then, click on “Month” to select the month as per your requirements

3. Last 6 Months

Using this option, you can view or Download the bank statements from today’s date to the last 6 month’s period. Here, you won’t get any further options.

4. Financial Year

Using this option, you can view or Download the bank statements for an entire financial year. i.e. from 01st April to 31st March period.

> 01st April 2022 to 31st Mar 2023

Step 8:

After selecting the period, you can select any of the 4 options to view or download the Bank statements.

1. View option – Select the “View” option, if you want to just view the selected transactions but no need of downloading them.

2. “Download in MS Excel” format – Select the “Download in MS Excel” option, if you want to download transactions in MS Excel format (Microsoft Excel). Here you can make any changes to this report as per your requirement since it is in editable format.

3. “Download in PDF” format – Select the “Download in PDF” option, if you want to download transactions in PDF format. Here, you cannot make any changes as PDF is in Un editable format.

4. Upload to Digilocker option – Using this option, you can upload to Digilocker.

Step 9:

After selecting any of the options as per your requirement and click on the “Go” option.

Step 10:

Now all your Bank transactions can be either viewed or downloaded successfully in MS -Excel or PDF Format. You can see all your Cash Deposits, Withdrawals, and Interest credit transactions in your Bank account by sitting at your home..!!

I hope you understood the “how to download sbi bank statement from net banking” concept.
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